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Feedback Forum

Our feedback system enables users to enter comments about their dealings with other users. Feedback is for Auction or Instant Purchase transactions only. All feedback comments are public and cannot be deleted once entered. Please use proper netiquette when posting (avoid all capital letters or screaming), and remember to use the same language you would use if you were speaking to your buyer or seller in person. One listing per transaction, so please allow time to work problem out before leaving feedback. Also your feedback would have a great impact on other buyers or sellers so handle this carefully.

To read a user's feedback click Search Feedback in the menu My Account and then enter username or email address. You can also click on the number after the username on the page featuring their auctions. eg: User (123)

To leave feedback, click Leave feedback from the Sold / Won Viewing page. Select the type of feedback (positive, neutral or negative) and enter in your comments then hit post.

Feedback policies:

  • Threatening another user with negative feedback for their refusal to perform actions not related to your transaction with that user or their failure to agree to terms and conditions of an auction that were not stated in the original listing.
  • Leaving feedback that contains vulgarity or profanity.
  • Leaving feedback that discloses another user's personal identity.
  • Leaving comments that are negative in nature, through the selection of the Positive comment option.

In the event that your feedback rating should reach the status of -4 (negative 4) your registration and account may be suspended. It is expected that you will use the Feedback system in a manner that upholds and maintains the integrity of the Feedback System.

Feedback images:

If you look at the feedback account information, you will be able to see a bar chart and pie chart which differentiates the positive, negative and neutral feedbacks. provides this interface to show the other users of the site the feedbacks earned by you in the past transactions. This will be shown beside our name and wherever your name is displayed in Thus it will reflect a good impact for your future transactions.




How can I find another's member's feedback profile?

You can search on's to find the feedback profile of another member.

Does a high feedback rating mean that an's member has a great reputation?

Not necessarily. In most cases, a high feedback rating is a good sign, but you should always check a member's feedback profile for any negative remarks. It's best not to judge users only on their feedback ratings.

When should I leave feedback?

Leave feedback after completing any purchase or sale on's.
Your honest feedback shapes the's community and impacts the success and behavior of other's members. You can see a list of all the sales and purchases you still need to leave feedback for.

How do I decide what type of feedback to leave "positive or negative"?

If you had a good experience with a buyer or seller on's then reward them with a positive comment. If you were treated poorly, try to resolve the problem first by contacting the other person. Most problems can be corrected by improving communication. If things are still not resolved, consider leaving a negative comment.

How do I know I have the correct item number when I leave feedback?'s will verify that item numbers match buyers and sellers.

What can I do if I do not agree with a Feedback left by a user on me?

You can place an answer to any Feedback placed on you from the link under Manage Feedback.

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