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Protecting Your Account Against Spoof Protecting Your Account Against Spoof cannot prevent spoof emails and websites from existing but members can be more aware of what to look for. If you are unsure, don't take any risks. Check the information provided in this tutorial and report emails or details of websites you suspect to be spoof. If you are in any doubt, don't click on the links or enter any information - open a new browser, go to and check your account details via the site.

The information in this tutorial applies not only to, but to all other sites with which you do business. These protection practices can be applied to your bank account, your ISP account and virtually any other online account you hold.

Here are some tips on how to protect your account and what to do if you think you may have responded to a Spoof email:

  • Vigilance Is the Best Line of Defense. You should periodically check your account status to see if there is any suspicious activity.
  • Change Your Password Frequently. If you think your account security may have been breached, change your account password immediately. Learn How to change your password.
  • Make Your Password Unique. To prevent someone accessing multiple accounts, it is effective to have different passwords for each account. Also, a good password will include a combination of letters and numbers - this makes it more difficult for people to guess the password.
  • Contact Your Bank and Credit Card Company. If you think you entered your personal financial information into a spoof site, contact your bank and credit card company immediately.

Think an email is a Spoof? Contact us

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Did you know...
Vigilance is the best line of defense - Periodically check your account and change your password.
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